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Constitution Day

Constitution Day 2017 and 2018

On June 28, 1996 the official Constitution of the Ukraine was adopted. It is on this day that most Ukrainians believe that their country truly became independent. Each year the country celebrates this date as a national holiday.

201728 JunWedConstitution Day
201828 JunThuConstitution Day

The Constitution came into effect almost five years after the Ukraine declared its independence from Russia. It took over 24 straight hours of negotiations to pass the final document and establish a constitution for the country. Since its inception, the constitution has been amended a few times, but in 2014, the government opted to reset the constitution back to the version created in 2004 and uses and enforces this version today.

Constitution Day is a national holiday in the Ukraine and employees are entitled to a paid day off to celebrate. Government offices and banks are closed on this date, and businesses that do remain open provide their employees with a premium pay rate for working on such an important holiday.

Celebrating Constitution Day

The Constitution of the Ukraine has just reached its twentieth anniversary. Since this is a very new celebration, there are not many traditions that are associated with its celebration. However, over these few years some traditions have begun to develop.

Most cities hold large parades on Constitution Day. The capital of the Ukraine holds the largest parades that are attended by the Heads of State. There are traditional performances, bands, and many different floats representing the diverse culture of the Ukraine. These parades are often followed by large fireworks displays in the evening.

Ukrainians enjoy large meals with their celebrations and there are often food vendors located around the parade routes for people to enjoy while watching the procession. Large celebratory meals are prepared at home, and due to the good weather, many people enjoy picnicking at the local parks.

The national Anthem, or what is often called the Hymn of the Ukraine, is played on the radios and television throughout the day and the people often break out singing this hymn during the parades or their celebrations.

Over the last few years, many culture events began to take place on Constitution Day in the Ukraine. Art festivals and musical events featuring local artists began to arise throughout the country. These festivals coincide with the celebrations on Constitution Day and often last for several days after the holiday. These festivals have continually expanded, and now you can find them throughout the country and not just in the capital city.

Constitution Day is very important to the Ukrainian people. They fought very hard for their independence and many lives were lost. To establish a democracy and to have a constitution is very important to them and fills them with much pride.

The Ukraine has been suffering ongoing border issues with Russia since 2014. Some people believe that the Ukraine should return to Russian control. For those who have fought so hard to make the Ukraine an independent nation, Constitution Day has become one of the most important holidays celebrated in the country.